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12th Grade: U.S. Government
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U.S. Government:  The underpinnings of U.S. government

Vote Smart!!!

Awesome site: Law focused education which includes interactive activities, games, Preamble Scramble and more.

Basic U.S. Government Notes/Syllabus

Activities and Lessons!

Lesson Plans and Activities for U.S. Government

U.S. Govt. Powerpoints (Branches of Govt.,Bill of Rights and much more!)


Applying the Bill of Rights (fun)

Witness This (how grand juries work)

Marbury v. Madison (made simple)

Constitution Powerpoint!

Constitution Day Activities

Lesson Plans

Primary Sources

Grading With Rubrics

Historical Documents

Lesson Plans Reference Desk

Lots of Links to Social Studies Lesson Plans

Primary Sources

Warren Rehnquist Supreme Court Cases

Texas (law-related education) has classroom activities for government (all grade levels)

Bill of Rights Activities and Links

Teaching Court Cases


County Precincts in Webb

Gideon v. Wainwright Lesson Plan

Civil Rights Movement Powerpoint

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