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World History

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World History:  River Valley Civilizations to the Present:  More to Come ...

Cold War (Added Aug 2010)/Use 2nd Nine Weeks

Aesop's Fables (Smart Lessons on Life)

Ancient Greece (Geography) Powerpoint

Athens vs. Sparta (Powerpoint and Activities)

Ancient Greece (Summary) Powerpoint

Ancient Greece (excellent powerpoint)

Free powerpoints for World History!

More free powerpoints! (World History time periods)


Social Political Economic Cultural Chart

Ancient Civilizations Powerpoint

World Religions Powerpoint

Islam powerpoint

World Religions Powerpoint

World Religions (matrix)

Philosophical Ideas (French Revolution)

John Lock Lesson Plan

World History Word Wall

Political Geography

Discussion web template

Economic Systems

"Prediction" Template (nice unit starter)

Grading With Rubrics

Fall of Roman Empire/Middle Ages Powerpoint

Explorers Powerpoint

no web

Dynasties (China) powerpt.

Maurya Gupta Empires (powerpoint)

Classical China-Rome (powerpoint)

Inner and East Asia (powerpoint)

Atlantic System and Africa

Civilizations of the Americas (powerpoint)

no web