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Cognates and False Cognates: Learn English!

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Cognates and False Cognates: Learn English!
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Austin Office (DACA)

U.S. Immigration Information

Frequently Asked Questions (Immigration--U.S. Citizenship)

Become a U.S. Citizen (Study Guides in English and Spanish!)Excellent website :-)

Tuesday: April 29, 2014 (Lessons and Links)

Verbs and Verb Tenses: Added May 1, 2014

Book: What is love? (Practice Reading) Added May 1, 2014

English Spelling Rules (Added March 24, 2014)

Let's Go Shopping! Learn about lbs., items found in grocery stores and more!

Short sentence audio for English Language Learners (Added October 28, 2013)

Starfall (excellent for beginners)(added March 19, 2014)

Let's Learn English! (added March 19,2014)

Audio (Learn English) added March 19, 2014

Listening Quizzes (added March 19, 2014)

Present Simple Sentences (added March 19,2014)

300 English words with pictures (video)(added March 19, 2014)

Advanced Practice Using Video Clips (added March 19,2014) Register (free website)

Listen and repeat sentences (added March 19, 2014)

Let's learn how to write sentences!

Practice Alphabet (Beginners) (Added March 19, 2014)

Games for beginners (added March 19, 2014)

Daily Expressions (video has audio and written sentences) (added March 19, 2014)

English Picture Dictionary

YouTube (Learn English with subtitles) (added March 19, 2014)

Become a citizen!

Colorin Colorado (excellent website for ELLs) Parents,Teachers or Students

Dave's ESL Cafe

Cognates and False Cognates (pdf)

False Cognates

English Spanish Cognates

Frayer Model (use to study vocabulary)

Translation Site

A to Z Cognates

1000 Identical Cognates