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Use these graphic organizers with ELL (English Language Learners) or any student needing differentiated instruction.

Added 10/27/09: Ready Made Graphic Organizers U.S. History (Colonial to Present) LARGE FILE


Topic/Audience/Purpose: 10/06/09

Think Pair Share; added 10/06/09

10 characteristics/added 10/06/09

Pre-Reading Notes/added 10/06/09

Key Concept/Synthesis: added 10/06/09

Cause/Effect Circles (added 10/6/09)

Download graphic organizers!

1st Day Fun: Getting to Know You Bingo

4 event sequence

6 event sequence

8 event sequence

Cause and Effect

I Am Poem

About Me (good to use for 1st class day)

how to summarize

Oral Prsentation (notecards)

Kids rank and justify their ranking...


Nice Pre-Reading strategy

Book Critique (good for middle school; Put Reading First)

Bookmarker (good for middle school)

Each group member is assigned a duty: good for cooperative grouping

Great for discussion: Open Mind

cognitive dictionary

Flower (5 W's & cute for middle school)

double bubble map

Simple Note-taking technique

column venn diagram

Hand: 5 W's

vocabulary cards

Decision Making

Cronell Note-Taker (excellent technique to guide your kids through notetaking)

Compare and Contrast

Comparing and Contrasting Maps

what I have learned!

5 W's : Question Mark Format

Venn Diagram

Simple T Chart

Action Map

Concept Wheel

Frayer Model

Window-Pane (vocabulary)