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Monopoly (Game Board and U.S. History Cards)

Monopoly Cards

Pass The Chicken (1) American Explorers

Pass the Chicken 2 (Colonization/American Revolution)

Pass the Chicken 3 (New Nation/Westward Expansion/Civil War)

Pass the Chicken 4 (Civil War/Reconstruction)11/12/09

Basketball template

football template

Baseball Template

Beach Ball Jeopardy (template)

Jeopardy: map skills, Civil War, places, govt....

Jeopardy: Constitution

Wheel of Fortune


"Hollywood" Squares

Bingo Template (excellent)



Academic Vocabulary Build-Up

Student Academic Vocabulary Tracking Progress

Vocabulary Game

Worms (vocabulary game)

Shift Happens (Did You Know)/large wmv file/l

1 minute timer (wmv)

2 minute timer

10 minute timer

15 minute timer

Create A Bar Graph

Quadrant D Sample Lessons

Got Logic?

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